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CPU comparisons

10100F, 10400F, 11400F vs R5-1600, R5-5600X with RTX3090
Minimal gains with RTX3090

1600X,2600X,3600X,5600X with RX56500XT…
Game average performance is the same

History of AMD vs Intel CPUs – average game performance with 6900XT

10100 vs 5600X with RX5600XT (same performance)

Cores vs Cache scaling – Intel CPU

Ram speeds DDR4 2400MHz – DDR5 6200MHz 

12600K vs R5-3600/5600X/5800X

12100 vs R5-3600, i9-9900K (Gamers Nexus) (CS Go) (Cyberpunk) (Far Cry)

12400 (10 game average) (Cinebench)

GPU comparisons

Fortnite -RX580 vs RTX3080 on 4790K

6600 vs RTX3060 (and 2060/2070 and others)

6600XT vs RTX3060 (and 2060/2070 and others)


Motherboard Comparisons

B560 Motherboard reviews 11th Gen CPUs