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What to buy…

New or refurbished?

If you’re unsure if you should buy new or used – check our article here.

Knowing what to buy…

There are four factors that typically impact the performance of a computer – the Processor (CPU), the Memory (Ram), Storage (Hard Disk/HDD or Solid State Disk/SSD), and the Graphics Card (GPU), with the last one typically only important for those looking for gaming PCs or doing high-end video or engineering work.

While the case style, lighting effects, power supply size, and component manufacturers (brands) can all impact the price of a system, at the end of the day they have very little to do with the performance you get.

For information on how to assess the different options available, please refer to our buying guide pages below.

  • Processor (CPU)
    Unless you’re into enthusiast gaming, any of the i5 processors we offer will be more than adequate! The newer 12th Gen and later i3 processors will even give most older i5 processors a run for their money!
    For more information on processor options and differences click here.
  • Memory (RAM)
    8GB is sufficient for entry level gaming but 16GB is recommended for all users, and 32GB is a low cost option for users running multiple applications at the same time. For more information on memory options and differences click here.
  • Storage (Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive)
    Buy an SSD… it defines the user experience! Hard drives are only relevant for really high capacity storage (2TB+) and even then only if you’re on a budget!
    For more information on storage options and differences click here.
  • Graphics Card (GPU)
    For home/office use you probably don’t need one, but if you’re into gaming, get the best one you can afford (at the end of the day it’s the only thing that really changes the gaming performance!)
    For more information on graphics options and differences click here.