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Warranty & Returns

We offer a warranty with all purchases.

Warranty Period

Reconditioned/Refurbished Computers/Components
All reconditioned and refurbished computers and components include a minimum 90 day parts and labour warranty.  The warranty commences from the date that the goods are delivered to you.  Where we add new components to a computer (where those items are specifically listed as new components) those parts will carry a minimum 12 month warranty.  An extended warranty may be purchased on reconditioned or refurbished computers to extend the cover to 12 months on all components (both new and used) for a fixed fee of $25 per computer.

New Computers/Components
All new computers include a minimum 12 month parts and labour warranty that covers all components.  An extended warranty may be purchased to extend the cover to 24 months on the entire computer for a fixed fee of $25 per computer.  We reserve the right to amend or limit this extended warranty offer to exclude specific high-end or bespoke components which do not offer manufacturer warranties of longer than 12 months.

Component / Manufacturer Warranties
We do not advertise or offer specific vendor or component warranties as these are subject to change.  Unless specifically stated or offered otherwise in writing the above warranty terms shall apply.  Where a new component purchased is covered by a manufacturers warranty that extends beyond the warranties offered above, we will assist you in obtaining that warranty where possible subject to a service fee to cover our shipping and handling costs.


Dead On Arrival (DOA)
Where you receive an item from us that does not work as advertised, is not correctly configured, is damaged during transit, or has developed a fault as a result of or during shipping, or subsequently develops a fault within 48 hours of receipt, we will consider the item DOA.  After we have diagnosed the fault we may elect to either send replacement parts (where possible, or where user replaceable), a complete replacement computer (if applicable), or arrange for a local technician to come to you to assist in resolving the issue. Where we request return of DOA parts or systems, the full cost of the return will be paid by us.  Where we elect to send a technician to you, this will be done at our cost, subject to availability.  Faults that are not classed as DOA will be treated as Warranty Returns (see below).

Warranty Returns
All warranties are based on return to our workshop. We may elect or offer to ship replacement parts to you on the condition that the faulty parts are returned to us (we may also request the payment of a refundable deposit when doing so).  If you are experiencing difficulties with your computer or device please contact us first to try to troubleshoot the issue.  It is your responsibility to return any faulty items to us and to arrange either drop-off or safe return of those items at your expense.  For Perth customers, the warranty covers both parts and labour where those repaired parts are being collected from our workshop.  For all other customers, the warranty is parts-only unless the entire computer is returned to us (we will courier the repaired or replaced computer or parts back to you at our expense).  If we elect to ship replacement components, the cost of installation by third party technicians (if not self installed) is not included and no reimbursement or allowance will be made for this.  If no fault is found or the fault has been caused by hardware or software installed by the user, poor handling, poor ventilation or power surge/spike, we may charge a fee to cover our time, required parts and return courier costs.

Lemon Policy
If a computer develops multiple faults or the same fault on multiple occasions requiring more than two or more repairs within the first 30 days, or three or more faults within the first 90 days we will offer to replace the entire computer at no charge under our Lemon Policy.  For refurbished and reconditioned components this offer is limited to the availability of equivalent specification parts or components (where equivalent components are not available, we will offer either repair or upgrade to the next alternative suitable component).  This offer may not apply to any bespoke or custom ordered components, or to Hard Disk Failures or Used component failures where the faulty drive or device has been replaced.

Data Loss
During any warranty work we reserve the right to replace components, reset devices to factory defaults and wipe drives or reinstall software as part of our troubleshooting activities.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have current backups of their data prior to requesting any return or repair.  We will not be held responsible or liable for any data loss on parts or systems returned to us.

Refunds and Replacements

Repair / Replacement
Your rights as a consumer entitle you to repair and/or replacement of faulty goods with refunds in limited circumstances.  We will offer to repair or replace components where we have equivalent specification or alternative items in stock, we will offer a refund only where we are unable to repair or replace in a reasonable timeframe, or where we have no equivalent replacement component, or where you elect not to either upgrade or downgrade your component to available alternatives.

Change of Mind / Refund
If your purchase does not do what was advertised and we are unable to resolve the issue you may be entitled to a FULL refund on returned goods.  We do not normally offer refunds simply for change of mind purposes. If you have changed your mind about your purchase you may apply to return and we may elect to accept a return if the item is returned in original condition and packaging, however you must bear the cost of returning the item to us, and we will deduct (1) the full cost of packaging and delivery (if initially delivered to you) ie. not the subsidised price that appears on the invoice, (2) $100 for any PC returns to cover the cost of custom-assembly of your order, and dis-assembly to return items to stock and (3) 15% of the purchase price as a restocking fee (higher fees may apply where equipment returned is not as-new, or excludes components or original packaging material) and (4) any non-refundable component of Merchant Fees charged by your payment provider – for example if you pay with Afterpay, the ~7% merchant fee is not refunded by them, and that component will not be refunded to you in a “change of mind” scenario (Merchant Fees vary by provider and range from 2% to 8% depending on payment method used).  For health reasons we do not accept change of mind returns of keyboards, mice or headphones.  If you wish to return selected components from a complete computer order in return for upgraded components, we may offer the upgraded component at the current difference between the two items plus a once-off service fee of $25-$50 depending on component and effort involved.

Australian Consumer Law

Nothing stated in these terms and conditions shall affect your rights under Australian Consumer Law.