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Service Charges

The following service charges apply from 1st June 2022.

Minimum Charge
– Inspection Fee / Minimum Service Charge (<10 minutes)$25$25$25
Cleaning Services
– Standard clean (dust out, basic filter clean, standard glass clean) $25$25
– Deep clean (Advanced cleaning, liquid/spill clean-up)$75$50
Installation Services
– Motherboard BIOS/Firmware update – with purchase$25$25
– Ram, CPU, Graphics Card, Storage (Desktop) – with purchase$25$25
– Ram, CPU, Graphics Card, Storage (Desktop)$50$35$35
– Motherboard, Power Supply (Desktop)$75$50$50
– Ram / Storage (Laptop, where accessible under main cover)$75$50$50
– Ram / Storage / Mainboard (Laptop, with mainboard removal)$150$100
Fault / System Diagnosis (Repair Charges Additional)
– Standard Diagnosis and Assessment$75$50$65
– Standard Diagnosis with minor item replacement (Ram/Storage/Graphics) $75$50$65
– Standard Diagnosis with major item replacement (Mainboard/Power)$100$75$75
– Standard Diagnosis with multiple item replacement (Mainboard/AIO)$125$100$100
System Build / Assembly
– Standard Build, majority of parts supplied by us$75$75
– Standard Build, services only (limited parts supplied)$100$100
– Advanced Build, majority of parts supplied by us$125$125
– Advanced Build, services only (limited parts supplied)$175$175
Application and Data Services
– Windows Installation (base OS / expedited install only)$50$35$35
– Windows installation (including driver / OS updates)$75$50$50
– Data Migration$100$75$75
– Data Backup$100$75$75
Priority Booking Fee
– Request for Immediate Service (in addition to standard charges)$50$50$50
Other Services
– Other services not quoted above will be performed at an hourly rate of:$120$100$100

Standard charges apply for all service requests that are not “warranty” or provided at “pensioner” discounts as defined below.

X-Warranty charges apply where a Crox supplied computer system experiences a component failure (whether or not the component is covered by a manufacturers warranty) that is outside of the purchased system warranty coverage period or where we replace a component supplied by us that is covered by a manufacturers warranty in a system that was not supplied by us. This discounted service is available within 2 years of original purchase date of a system, or within the warranty coverage period of a component purchased from us. NO CHARGE applies for replacement of parts or components installed in systems supplied by Crox that are still covered by their original system warranty coverage.

Pensioner charges apply for persons with a Pension Concession Card, State Concession Card, WA Seniors Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. These discounted rates are offered subject to availability and will be performed at a lower priority to standard service bookings.