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Split Payments

We can accept multiple (split) payments both in-store and online.
To pay for an online (delivery) purchase using more than one payment method, use Gift Cards to complete your purchase.
To pay for an online (pick-up) purchase, you can either use the Gift Card method outlined below or select “Payment on COLLECTION” at checkout and we’ll process the different payment methods in-store when you collect your PC.

You can purchase your Gift Card here to make an initial payment using Credit Card, Paypal or Klarna payment methods.
To use more than 2 payment methods, purchase additional Gift Cards for each subsequent payment method.
Finalise your purchase by redeeming your Gift Card(s) during checkout combined with your final payment method.


  1. Payment via Afterpay and Humm is only available for PC purchases. If you are using one of these payment methods as part of your split payment then this payment method can only be used to complete the purchase in conjunction with the Gift Card redemption.
  2. Coupon Codes are NOT Gift Card codes. While “coupon” codes can be entered in the Cart, these only apply for the Loyalty Program. Gift Card codes can only be redeemed in the Gift Card section of the checkout page.
  3. If you already have configured items in your cart and want to purchase a Gift Card before completing the checkout, go to your Cart, and select the “Save Cart” option. We suggest the email option when saving your cart. Once you have saved the cart you can empty the cart by clicking the “x” beside each item in the cart, and add the Gift Card to your cart to complete that checkout. After purchasing all of the necessary Gift Cards you can retrieve your previous saved configuration from your email. Alternatively, you could use another Browser to complete the Gift Card purchase.

Example: Payment of a PC purchase for $1295 splitting payments between Credit Card ($200), Klarna ($300) and Afterpay ($795).
Purchase a Gift Card for $200 using your Credit Card (single checkout), purchase an additional Gift Card for $300 using Klarna (second checkout), and complete your PC purchase by redeeming the two Gift Cards and a final Afterpay payment of $795 at your final checkout.