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New or refurbished?

Refurbished computers can represent great value for money, make excellent home/office computers and offer a lower cost entry to the world of PC Gaming. In addition to avoiding more landfill, re-using components can make good financial sense, especially where they are well short of their useful life.

Generally speaking, new computers provide better performance, power efficiency, warranty and scalability and are typically worth the premium if you can afford it. What surprises many people is that a brand new modern i3 processor is actually faster in every respect than i7 processors from many earlier generations. If you think that getting a refurbished i7 is better than getting a new i3, then having a read through our processor buyers guide may surprise you!

One key point to consider is that the majority of todays refurbished systems (up to the i7-7700) do not support Windows 11, with Windows 10 “end of support” scheduled for October 2025 (you can still continue using Windows 10 indefinitely after this date, but will no longer get security patches and updates). Because more recent refurbished systems are less available and more expensive they typically don’t justify any saving compared to the newer systems. For this reason alone, buying a new system will offer better long term investment protection.

If you’re working within a budget then our refurbished computer options do provide a great low cost entry point. The majority of our refurbished gaming computers include new cases, power supplies and graphics cards (amongst other components) to ensure reliable performance. These parts are common across both our new and used computer configurations ensuring an easy upgrade pathway to newer and more modern components as your budget permits.