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AC Adapter for Lenovo 01FR132 SA10M42793 SA10M42740 SA10M42817 65W


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65W Lenovo AC adapter charger/power adapter

Compatible with select laptops
Including ideapad 320H-17AST,ideapad 320L-17AST,ideapad 320R-17AST,ideapad 320E-17AST,ideapad 320H-17ABR,ideapad 320L-17ABR,ideapad 320R-17ABR,ideapad 320E-17ABR,ideapad 320-14IAP,ideapad 320-14AST,ideapad 320-15IAP,ideapad 320-15AST,ideapad 320-15ABR,ideapad 320-15ABR Touch,ideapad 320-14AST 80XU,ideapad 320-15AST 80XV,ideapad 320-15ABR 80XS,ideapad 320-15ABR Touch 80XT, Ideapad 320-17, Yoga 710, Flex 4-1435, Flex 4-1470, Flex 4-1570, Flex 4-1130, Miix 510, IdeaPad 100s 14″, IdeaPad 110, IdeaPad 100 14″and 15″, IdeaPad 310, IdeaPad 710s 13″, IdeaPad 310s 11″ and 15″, IdeaPad 110s 11″.

Also compatible with B50-50,Flex 4 1470,Flex 4 1570, Yoga 510-14,Yoga 700-14,Yoga 710-11,Yoga 710-14 and Yoga 710-15 models.

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