Antec NX500M mATX Case (1x Black Fan)

Antec NX500M mATX Case (1x Black Fan)


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Antec NX500M mATX tower case with 1 x 120mm black fan

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Shipping Weight (Volumetric) 13.5 kg
CASE Shipping Dimensions 49.5 × 25 × 43.5 cm
Product Weight (kg) 3.7 kg
Product Dimensions (L x W X H) 38.4 x 20 x 45.1 cm
CPU Cooler Clearance


Case Supported AIO Sizes

240, 280, 360

Front Panel USB 3 Ports


Front Panel USB 2 Ports


Front Panel USB C Ports


Front Panel Audio Jacks


Recommended AIO Size