Astrotek USB 3 to HDMI Display Adaptor

Astrotek USB 3 to HDMI Display Adaptor


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Astrotek USB2.0/USB3.0 HDMI 480P/576P/720P/1080P Windows XP/ Vista /Win7 (32/64bit) / Win8 (32/64bit)/Win 10

ASTROTEK USB A male to HDMI adaptor.

• Compliant with USB3.0, backward compatible with USB 2.0
• Support up to 1920x1080p resolution (USB3)
• Aluminum housing design
• Support Operating system for computers: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Output HDMI
Input USB 3.0
Compatibility Windows XP/ Vista /Win7 (32/64bit) / Win8 (32/64bit)/Win 10
Resolution Supports up to 1080P resolution
Speed 5 Gbps
Material Alloy, PVC
Length 15cm

Driver available here.

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